Thomas Weidner IV, PLLC
Thomas Weidner IV, PLLC
A criminal defense and personal injury firm located in Staunton, Virginia, representing clients throughout Augusta County, Staunton and the surrounding areas.

For White Collar Crimes, Get A Tough Attorney Who Knows The Ropes

It is difficult for other lawyers in the area to offer the same level of knowledge and skill while trying to meet their client’s desired outcomes.

Thomas Weidner IV, PLLC, has been practicing criminal law since 1989, with the added experience of working as a prosecutor for the city of Waynesboro for many years. This is to the advantage of the defense of his clients charged with fraud, embezzlement or other crimes such as credit card fraud or identity theft. Why? Because he has longstanding working relationships with the people investigating and prosecuting your case, whether it is in state or federal court.

For Major Crimes, You Need A Major Attorney

He knows the pressures the prosecutor is under, and the resolutions they want to see for each case. He knows how the investigators operate. This gives you, the client, a clear and accurate view of your options.

With offices in Staunton and Augusta County, Virginia, Thomas Weidner IV, PLLC, represents clients in Staunton, Charlottesville and throughout Augusta County and the surrounding areas. He will give personalized attention to your case and work diligently in your defense.

Get The Advantage Of Nearly 30 Years Experience For Your Defense

To discuss representation for your criminal charges related to white collar crime, contact Thomas Weidner IV, PLLC, at his firm in Staunton at 540-949-9430. In a one-on-one consultation, he will give you straightforward, honest advice about your legal options and the realities of your case. If you prefer, contact him by email.