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Thomas Weidner IV, PLLC
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Find Out Whether Your Traffic Violations Could Be Reduced Or Dismissed

Many people want to move on quickly and forget about the police or highway patrol stopping them for a traffic violation.

But it can be an even more costly mistake not to have an attorney examine the details of your traffic stop for a DUI, reckless driving or even a speeding ticket. What if there were parts of that interaction with the officer that did not follow the law? You could save yourself the expense of an increase in insurance premiums for years.

The only way to know whether you might have a strong reason why a judge should reduce or even dismiss your traffic offense is to talk with a lawyer.

Thomas Weidner IV, PLLC, offers legal representation throughout Augusta County, Staunton and the surrounding areas in Virginia. He has nearly 30 years of experience arguing in front of the judges in local courtrooms. He is able to give you an honest, straightforward answer about the merits of trying to argue for a lesser fine.

DUIs come with stiff penalties such as fines and possible jail time. These sanctions can also impact the cost of your insurance and your ability to drive yourself to work. It can be worthwhile to have Thomas Weidner IV, PLLC, take a look at your case.

Get Straightforward Legal Advice From An Attorney With Decades Of Experience

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